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Features of our Chicken Coop:

Are you a backyard chicken owner looking for a durable coop for your feathered friends? We have the perfect solution for you. Our premium Chicken Hutch is expertly crafted with high-quality materials that will protect your flocks from predators and inclement weather conditions. With spacious living quarters and easy access points, our Chicken Coop is designed to make your backyard flock ownership a breeze.


Our Chicken Coop features a sturdy wooden frame with weather-resistant asphalt roofing that keeps your chickens dry during rain and snow. The coop is also equipped with an enclosed run that allows your chickens to forage in safety while keeping them contained. The easy-access front door also makes cleaning and egg collection a breeze. In addition, our chicken coop includes multiple nesting boxes that provide ample room for your hens to lay their eggs comfortably.


Our Chicken Hutch also includes several unique features such as a sliding metal door for added security, a locking mechanism to keep predators at bay, and a ventilation system that regulates the temperature inside the coop. The coop is also elevated to keep your flocks off the ground and away from predators. Plus, with its rustic design, our Chicken Coop complements any backyard decor and adds a touch of charm.


Overall, our Chicken Coop is the perfect solution for backyard chicken owners who want to keep their flocks safe and happy. So why wait? Order yours today and give your chickens the gift of a secure and comfortable home!


Dimensions: (36.02 x 17.72 x 27.56)" / (91.5 x 45 x 70)cm (L x W x H)

Small Door Dimensions: (9.17 x 10.00)" / (23.3 x 25.4)cm (L x W)

Pallet Load-bearing: 7-9 kg

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